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Mayhem in Parking Lots

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Mayhem in Parking Lots

Post  mermaid on Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:31 am

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Hyannis roads friendlier to cars than pedestrians

November 25, 2010The recent tragic death of the young pregnant mother prompts me to point out how pedestrian-unfriendly the Hyannis and Capetown mall parking lots and crossroads are.

They were built for cars, not pedestrians. Many locations force pedestrians into the street because there are no sidewalks at the end of crosswalks. I think Hyannis has grown so fast that city planners have not been able to keep up with the pedestrian populace. Where are the neighborhood parks and playgrounds?

This is a typical American problem, and it has been pointed out by many people. We have to put quality of life back to the top priority.

Michael Ward


Regarding parking lots alone.. went to Stop & Shop in Dennis yesterday morning. Granted the heat was on for last minute `stuff`-ing` but geeesh! Shocked On any given day a person takes their life in their hands by walking from car to store.
Witnessed 3 near-pedestrian hits, one actual hit by a car backing out. The latter was in s l o w motion. No bloodshed.. lotsa verbal shed tho.

People don`t think to look what or who may be behind them. Most especially the high-profile vehicles. Just because they are taller than other cars, do they also rule parking lots? I Think Not.

I can & do park way away from others and walk the distance. Also my reflexes are darn good... Not everyone is as fortunate.
The solution?? Practice caution people!! And Pay Attention!! Drivers and walkers - put down the Damn Cellphone! In a split second a life or many lives can be changed forever. Freakin scary.

Parks & playgrounds? wonder if Mr. Ward wants the bridges painted too.

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