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Obama can`t catch a break........

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Obama can`t catch a break........

Post  mermaid on Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:36 pm

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Obama can't catch a break, even for going 'off script'

November 26, 2010
Regarding the letter that criticized Obama for going "off script" during the recent Medal of Honor ceremony, I have to say — are you kidding me?

What is it with the right that it has to criticize this president's every word, every move, every flutter of the eyelids? I realize that when times are tough, people can have very sour moods, but the constant trivial criticisms are getting beyond ridiculous.

This president has worked tirelessly in the past two years to restore our honor in the world, bring two wars to an end, keep us from another great depression, provide health care to millions of Americans, reform a greedy and broken financial system ... my goodness, give the man a break! Have a serious discussion about the role and size of government, disagree with proposals and policies — but can we give it a rest with the picayune nonsense?

Kathy Hurley

Sagamore Beach

Sorry Kathy... he is the president. Long as he is, he won`t catch a acting president does. Hmm... and even then...
Its the price all public figures pay for being public figures.

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