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Impressionable footballers must be scarred for life

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Impressionable footballers must be scarred for life

Post  Betep on Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:27 am

Impressionable footballers must be scarred for life
December 09, 2010

I am glad to learn that the Crook who has been managing the Barnstable football team has been "outed" and "ousted."

How dare he utter "swear words" in the presence of a gentle and fragile group of young men who spend their time bashing other gentle and fragile young men in the gladiator sport called football? I feel sure these delicate and impressionable young men have been forever scarred by hearing the "F" word or the "SH" word or some other terrible word spoken in a locker room.

I can only hope he gets a job at Nauset and beats the #@%$ out of Barnstable next season, and I pray the honorable person who ratted him out gets everything he deserves in life.

Jim Richardson

Fuckin-A Damn straight! I'd hate to be the Ballerina Snowflake child of the PC Helicopter Parent that dropped a dime on the Coach. If a member of the team was so easily offended, I say: "Grow a pair Mary-Lou!".

Vyeter, Vyeter, Vyeter, нет Бзтзп

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