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Is respectable journalism going down the tubes?

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Is respectable journalism going down the tubes?

Post  mermaid on Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:02 am

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Is respectable journalism going down the tubes?

February 03, 2011WTF? Cape Cod Times is putting "WTF" on the front page? Would "OMG" not have worked?

Understand that I am not an older-generation prude. I am a 35-year-old wife, mother and business owner with a bit of a wild side, but my jaw dropped at the front page of Friday's paper.

Has all respectable and intelligent journalism gone down the tubes? Is the Cape Cod Times on its way to becoming the next Herald or junk-read gossip tabloid? My poor father was appalled when I explained its true meaning. Even a Jamaican employee of mine prompted a conversation asking how an editor would allow it to be published. Though I frequently use the term with friends, it is absurd to be used in a frilly weather piece.

I am concerned and embarrassed for the Times if that is the future of our local paper. It's now illegal to text and drive because you will crash. Don't text on the cover of your paper — you will crash!

Elaine Pekarcik

South Dennis
You may have a point Elaine. Perhaps the CCT`s & the Enquirer could join forces!

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