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Russians upset over adopted boy`s punishment

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Russians upset over adopted boy`s punishment

Post  mermaid on Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:47 am

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Russians upset over adopted boy's punishment

Associated Press
February 04, 2011ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Russian officials are closely watching a case involving an Anchorage mother of six who was charged with child abuse after a video that aired on "Dr. Phil" showed her punishing her adopted Russian son by squirting hot sauce into his mouth and forcing him into a cold shower.

The case has sparked a public uproar in Russia at a time that nation is nearing completion of a bilateral treaty with the U.S. on adoptions. Russia called for the agreement following the deaths of Russian children who were abused or neglected by their adoptive American parents in recent years.

Russian officials say they have not ruled out pushing for the return of the 7-year-old boy to his native country should his adoptive mother, Jessica Beagley, be found guilty.

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Disgusting. Squirt hot sauce into mom`s mouth then shove her into cold shower..then throw her in prison. Toss the key. Even that is too good for her.
This rampant bullshit happens far more than we hear about.

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