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Mama Grizzley said it too but her history`s muddled

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Mama Grizzley said it too but her history`s muddled

Post  mermaid on Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:03 am

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Mama Grizzly said it too, but her history's muddled

February 06, 2011

In regard to the many complaints about the use of the acronym WTF, please remember one thing: The far right's little sweetheart, Mama Grizzly Palin, used this term in response to President Obama's reference to a Sputnik moment.

The reason I remind people of this is because this is a possible presidential candidate and supposedly a golden role model for her followers, which I assume includes children. Also, her comment where she used the term indicated Sputnik brought the collapse of Soviet rule. Way to be way off on historical facts; five colleges and this is the result? Outstanding.

Steve Vaughan


Oh, ok Steve! Its okay for Palin who you don`t care for, & CCT`s to use the WTF term. So your point would be.........??

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Re: Mama Grizzley said it too but her history`s muddled

Post  Betep on Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:47 am

He has issues with Caribou Barbie.
Probability that he has said "WTF" is high and an odds-on favorite.

That said; I'm a bit Right of center and think Palin is an idiot and serves to draw attention.

The Russian language forum had a debate about how to say "Sputnik".
"Спутник" = "Spootnik". I will, from this day forward say "Spootnik" with my horrible Russian accent and Grammar Nazi all those that say "SpUtnik".


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