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Are Chatham skeletal remains those of Squanto?

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Are Chatham skeletal remains those of Squanto?

Post  mermaid on Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:09 am

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By Susan Milton
March 09, 2011CHATHAM — The discovery of skeletal remains in an unmarked Native American grave last month has resurrected one of American history's lingering mysteries.

"I wonder if it's Squanto?" Donald Aikman, vice chairman of the town's historical commission, said last week after learning about the grave unearthed on Feb. 14 on Salt Marsh Way in North Chatham.

Before he suddenly fell ill and died in Chatham in November 1622, Squanto was the influential English-speaking guide and interpreter who helped the Pilgrims survive in a country already heavily settled by Native Americans.

At the time of his death, Squanto was on a trading expedition with the Pilgrims and had just helped them negotiate a deal to buy badly needed corn and other food from the Monomoyicks, a Wampanoag tribe on the shores of what is now Pleasant Bay.
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Can you imagine ? such a find!

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