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Cardinal Love

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Cardinal Love

Post  mermaid on Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:56 am

Dear Bird Folks,
We have a pair of courting cardinals in our yard. The male will hop over to the female, gently take her beak in his own and hold it there for a few moments. It looks for all the world like they are kissing. From what I can tell he is not feeding her but simply offering her some affection. We have been taught that birds’ behavior is totally instinctive, but it appears to me that my birds are actually necking. Please advise.

– Sandy, Orleans, MA

Oh, man, Sandy,
I hate these kinds of questions. No matter what I say I’m going to upset somebody. Yes, I know, I usually upset somebody anytime I write something. But this is one of those topics that really puts people over the edge. Half the people want to believe mated birds are really in love with each other. That group includes you and the French guy who made that mushy March of the Penguins movie. The other half of the population feels that love is strictly a human trait. That group includes many researchers, scientists and Spock. The third half of the populace doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about such things. Those people are probably taking the right approach.

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Gosh this guy is funny !! bounce

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