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Camp loses accreditation, won`t open

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Camp loses accreditation, won`t open

Post  mermaid on Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:29 am

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April 09, 2011FORESTDALE — Stripped of its national camp accreditation during investigations of child sexual abuse, Camp Good News owners Friday decided to stay closed for this summer, its operators said in a press release.

Camp officials made the "difficult decision" Thursday night and spent Friday trying to contact staff and the families of campers "before they heard this on the news," according to the press release issued by a public relations firm early Friday night.

The Christian summer camp on the shores of Snake Pond made the decision not to reopen on the same day that the American Camp Association lifted its accreditation of the camp. The accreditation, held by the camp since 1959, is sort of a Good Housekeeping seal of approval. The voluntary accreditation process involves a review of 300 health and safety standards, said Peg Smith, ACA executive director.

"Accreditation provides great evidence that there's a commitment to their child's safety," Smith said of campers' parents. "Because of the multiple allegations and possible evidence that laws have been violated (at Camp Good News) we felt it was imperative we remove accreditation."

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Re: Camp loses accreditation, won`t open

Post  Betep on Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:38 am

Too bad the general thought of "Camp" got screwed up...

I did a few summers @ YMCA day camp to get me out of my parent's receding hair and a few summers @ Boy Scout Camp. Never a bit of diddling.

I actually think I'm a better person for the experience.
Toss me out in the woods with a knife, matches and a bit of rope and I'll survive.

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