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Falcon Love

Post  mermaid on Thu Apr 28, 2011 5:21 am

A peregrine falcon soars next to the upper reaches of the Sagamore Bridge on Wednesday.
Cape Cod Times/Steve HeaslipBy Eric Williams

April 28, 2011SAGAMORE — While thousands of cars roll above, a pair of peregrine falcons have been hooking up under the Sagamore Bridge.

Sure it's a little noisy. A little grimy. But there are plenty of pigeons to eat, and a fine view. Perhaps a perfect place for raptor romance.

If the birds settle down and produce offspring, it could mark the first time peregrine falcons have nested on Cape Cod, said Don Manchester, a noted Cape hawk watcher.

"They're doing all the nesting behavior," said Manchester as he watched for the pair under the bridge on Tuesday. "He's bringing her food, and they've been copulating and they've been screaming at each other."

But the female falcon may be too young to produce eggs this season. "She's only a year old," Manchester said. "Next year, she'll be really sexually mature. But whether she is this year or not, that's questionable."

Peregrine falcons are regularly sighted on Cape Cod during migration. But they prefer to nest in cliffs, or even ledges atop tall urban buildings — locales in short supply around these parts.

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Awe ! Love is literally in the air ! cheers

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