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Alice Cooper on his REAL life

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Alice Cooper on his REAL life

Post  Betep on Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:55 pm

A satanist? No, I run a Bible group! Alice Cooper on his REAL life
Vincent Furnier stiffens his sinews, bares his perfect teeth, droops his eyelids and swivels his head. I feel a chill go through me. He is demonstrating how he changes into Alice Cooper on stage.

Off stage, Vincent, his real name, is all charm. He’s smaller than I imagined, at 5ft 9in, and has a natural pallor. He has a permanent five o’clock shadow and an impressively full head of long, dyed black hair.

He’s 63 now and has been doing Alice for 45 years, splattering blood and gore, putting his head in a guillotine, hanging from a scaffold and beheading baby dolls.

But his power to shock has long gone in an age when the walking dead pop out of their graves on every TV and cinema screen.

It was a more innocent time when he outraged moral campaigners such as Mary Whitehouse. Their protests implied he was bringing about the end of Christian civilisation.

Being a devout Christian himself, Alice, laughs at the thought. ‘The funny thing is now if you stay in the business long enough and if you keep producing good records, you go from being young and dangerous to being older and lovable,’ he says.

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I met him when I worked for a driving range in Florida. I mentioned the Cape Cod Colosseum and he said "Great golf up there". msign

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