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Get out of the car? OK, you asked for it-

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Get out of the car? OK, you asked for it-

Post  mermaid on Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:55 am

Get out of the car? OK, you asked for it
By Mike Pingree
Sunday, December 11, 2011 -

A man pulled a gun on a driver parked on the street in Chicago and demanded money. The driver handed over the cash, but the gunman made the mistake of ordering him out of the car. The victim, a martial arts expert and ultimate fighting champion, grabbed at the guy’s gun, causing him to shoot himself in the ankle, then beat him senseless.

SORRY, I DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY ... In an effort to get $100 out of her boyfriend, a 21-year-old Florida woman got a guy to pretend to kidnap her, call her beau and demand that sum as a ransom. The boyfriend refused to pay. He also called the cops.

HOW COULD I RESIST, SMOOTH TALKER ... A woman went on one date with a man she met at a concert in New York, but she felt he wasn’t for him so she didn’t return his subsequent phone calls and text messages. So he tracked down her email address and sent her an extremely patronizing 1,600-word opus about how disappointed he was in her and that she flirted with him and led him on. He called her “impolite and immature.” Oddly, he also asked her for a second date.

YOU HAVE TO ADMIRE HIS BOLDNESS ... A man stole a coat from a Walmart in Davenport, Iowa, then came back drunk two days later wearing the same coat and tried to steal two TV sets.

NOW THAT’S WHAT WE CALL A CLUE ... A man robbed a pharmacy in East Stroudsburg, Pa., then ditched his hooded sweatshirt and backpack when he fled. Cops looked through the backpack and found his birth certificate.

SAY, THESE LOOK FAMILIAR ... Two women stole Christmas decorations from a neighbor’s lawn less than a block from their home in Sweetwater, Fla., and then put them up in front of their own house.

THERE WAS JUST ONE FLAW TO OUR PLAN ... Two intoxicated brothers called in a false alarm to a small firehouse in a Chicago neighborhood. Once the firefighters responded, the brothers proceeded to burglarize their station. Alas, they didn’t realize the firemen would return once they realized there was no fire. Ten firefighters confronted them and held them for the cops.

DEAR DIARY, THIS IS JUST BETWEEN ME AND YOU ... A man denied to police that he was the getaway driver in the robbery of the Ladbrokes betting parlor in England, but police searched his apartment and found that he was indeed guilty, because he had written about his participation in the crime in his diary.

OH, LOOKS LIKE WE’VE GOT ANOTHER ONE ... A drunken driver slammed into a police trailer set up as a mobile command center to catch drunken drivers in Newton, S.C., at 2:45 in the morning.


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