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Harwich PD: Teen drinks, texts, and totals car

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Harwich PD: Teen drinks, texts, and totals car

Post  mermaid on Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:00 am

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Harwich PD: Teen drinks, texts, totals car

January 08, 2012HARWICH – An 18-year-old local woman will be charged under the new texting-while-driving law, as well as for drunken driving, after she crashed her car into a utility pole early Saturday.

Amanda Abbey’s cellphone was found inside the wreckage of her car, according to Harwich police officer Aram Goshgarian. The text message window was open and showed a back-and-forth conversation up to the time of the crash, police said.

The evidence allows the police to make use of the new state law, which went into effect in September 2010. Though the law imposes strict fines and driving restrictions, it’s also been criticized as hard to enforce because it’s difficult for police to prove the driver was texting rather than dialing a number of a cellphone.

Goshgarian said this is the first time Harwich police have charged someone with either the criminal charge or the citation.

“The fact of the matter is that the texting-and-driving law is very difficult to enforce,” Goshgarian said. “You can flip through your phone book, dial a number, but you can’t text.
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Sad. This young girl`s life isn`t getting off to a grand beginning. Holy geez. I`ll be following this story. If I can stomach the outcome

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