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Speech Habits: Uptalk

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Speech Habits: Uptalk

Post  mermaid on Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:22 am

Word upAsk yourself: when you make a statement, does it sound more like a question because your voice gets higher at the end of the sentence? If so, you are suffering from HRT (high-rise terminals), a speech habit that is taking over the way we talk. Matt Seaton goes in search of the culprits

According to a 1995 piece in the Houston Chronicle, "It began as a feature of valley speak, the adolescent argot native to the San Fernando Valley and immortalised by the valley girl. But now uptalk has taken on a life of its own." Other commentators have likewise associated uptalk with other features of west coast "mallspeak", such as the slacker habit of self-interrupting sentences with "like", using the intensifier "totally", and responding to any actual question (as opposed to an uptalk interrogative) with "whatever".

You know its really catching on? This is a definite new trend? Hard to believe because it sounds so dumb? ya know???? This is a statement? twister3

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Re: Speech Habits: Uptalk

Post  Betep on Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:34 am

From Toastmasters:

Toastmasters “Ah” Counter

The purpose of the ah counter is to note words and sounds used as a “crutch” or “pause filler” by anyone who speaks during the meeting.

Examples are:

1. Words may be inappropriate interjections such as “and, well, but, so, you know.”

2. Sounds may be “ah, um, er.”

3. Repetitive word or phrase such as “I,I” or “This means, this means.” Or “you
know, you know”.

4. “Pause fillers” such as lip-smacking. Note: pauses in between sentences are not considered as “pause fillers”. It is up to the individual speakers to use “pauses” effectively in their speech.


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Ya know?

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