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Careless tossing of trout manifest program`s faults

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Careless tossing of trout manifest program`s faults

Post  mermaid on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:44 am

Careless tossing of trout manifests program's faults

March 24, 2012How sad to see the treatment of rainbow trout depicted in your March 21 front-page photo.

The unceremonious tossing of these creatures into the air, only for them to fall hard on the water, is indicative of the problems with the put-and-take attitude toward trout. They've become nothing more than a commodity.

Anyone familiar with trout knows that the fish have an air bladder, or swim bladder. Landing on the water from such a height can shock them and even damage their bladders. I'll wager the mortality rate from such treatment is close to 30 percent.

I'm always full of admiration for Steve Heaslip's fine photos in your paper, but this one made me wince. The Sandwich Fish Hatchery should change its methods and show a little more respect for these fish, farm-raised or not.

Scott Gabriel

I noticed this trout abuse. Disgusting display of how our wildlife is treated. WTF

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