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Why close bridge lanes when noones working?

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Why close bridge lanes when noones working?

Post  mermaid on Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:03 am

Why close bridge lanes when no one's working?

April 01, 2012Your website posted an online update March 25

on the Sagamore Bridge

traffic that included the following statement: "Can't blame the work on the Sagamore Bridge. That was put on hold for the weekend. Blame a lot of people all wanting to leave the Cape at the same time."

In fact, you can blame the bridge construction. Even though they shut down construction for the weekend,

they never removed the equipment. The bridge was still narrowed down to one lane in each direction, causing a backup to Exit 3, taking over an hour and a half to reach the Sagamore.

The statement was made that construction was to be done seven days a week, 24 hours a day for the next two months. If this had been the case, the hour and a half would have been understandable. The fact that there was not a single, solitary person working on the bridge, but two lanes blocked off with barrels, cones and all of the equipment, was unconscionable.

If work is not going to be done, they should remove the equipment. A simple calculation shows that perhaps two to three person-years of time were wasted by all the cars waiting in line, never mind the amount of gas wasted by cars idling for that time.

William Leigh


Right. Noone was working. This was a HUGE waste of time, gas, nerves. I hope they are listening!!!! smiley-angry021

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