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Stupid thought

Post  Betep on Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:41 am

Random fortune from 'people'

We thrive on euphemism. We call multi-megaton bombs "Peace-keepers", closet
size apartments "efficient" and incomprehensible artworks "innovative". In
fact, "euphemism" has become a euphemism for "bald-faced lie". And now, here
are the euphemisms so colorfully employed in Personal Ads:

------------------- -------------------------
Excited about life's journey No concept of reality
Spiritually evolved Oversensitive
Moody Manic-depressive
Soulful Quiet manic-depressive
Poet Boring manic-depressive
Sultry/Sensual Easy
Uninhibited Lacking basic social skills
Unaffected and earthy Slob and lacking basic social skills
Irreverent Nasty and lacking basic social skills
Very human Quasimodo's best friend
Swarthy Sweaty even when cold or standing still
Spontaneous/Eclectic Scatterbrained
Flexible Desperate
Aging child Self-centered adult
Youthful Over 40 and trying to deny it
Good sense of humor Watches a lot of television

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