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Speaking of birds.....

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Speaking of birds.....

Post  mermaid on Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:06 pm

Mike O'Conner truly is talented! His column is the main reason I seek out The Cape Codder newspaper each week. Even the website for his store is clever. Worth checking out !

Speaking of outdoors, I do believe its raining!! bounce

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Re: Speaking of birds.....

Post  Betep on Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:13 pm

I think 'Vitality' (the free old folks paper) has the article from Birdwatcherguy. Used to be in Pennysaver too. Years ago my MOM used to put out a few different types of birdseed. We had Thistle feeders and special corn/nut/sunflower seed and suet feeders in the winter. Family friends owned the Cape Maid Farms back 25+ years ago and MOM and the Mrs. would swoon over cardinals.

Not as flush with $ to buy dedicated birdseed anymore, we get a lot of birds with stale bread and take home french fries when we eat out. Fat trimmed off steaks gets frozen all summer to become suet in winter. A nail on the tree next to the Thermometer gets a bad orange half in the winter. No more heated birdbath (really, we had one). We have 3 sets of local cardinals and so many others stop off to have a drink and swim at the birdbath that gets leftover hot coffee water on winter mornings. I stuffed stale taco shells in the wood pile for my 'pet' chipmunk "Stumpy" and the Belkas (squirrels) yesterday.

I'm a little tired of the crows as is my back yard neighbor that feeds birds with top-of the-line seed. The "cute" birds aren't all innocent either. My blueberry bushes get stripped now.

Such is life. A-CAW! A-CAW! A-CAW! Damn crows!

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