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Turn canal into a lake to restore vehicle access

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Turn canal into a lake to restore vehicle access

Post  Betep on Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:23 am

Turn canal into a lake to restore vehicle access

September 25, 2014

I agree with several recent writers regarding filling in the Cape Cod Canal. As it is now, it serves only a handful of people at the expense of thousands.

Here's how I would do it:

1. Fill in under the bridges; this would make it easier to remove them and the cost would probably be offset by the maintenance cost of keeping them. Traffic would also flow much better on a flat, level road than a narrow, white-knuckle bridge.

2. This would create a man-made lake between the removed bridges, offering up many possibilities for its use.

3. Without large boat traffic, one or more level bridges could be added, further reducing traffic congestion.

4. Parks and other attractions would benefit everyone.

It's time to give serious consideration to this, as the current situation makes all of us prisoners during the summer months. Who in their right mind even considers leaving the Cape on a Sunday afternoon? Or, who dares leave the Cape and tries to return on a Friday afternoon? Not me, never again!

I already have a name for it! Remember the "Big Dig"? Well, this will be referred to as the "Big Fill"!

Who's with me?

Michael Binnall

South Yarmouth
I don't think you really understand how the Canal works. Sure, the bridges suck and you see Pleasure Boats in the water but take a better look and you will see plenty of commercial traffic. Even if there were two bridges with 4 lanes each way, Cape Cod is a finite space.
You sound like a Wash-Ashore. (Do you build additions to houses?)

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