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Note to the naysayers: Think outside the box

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Note to the naysayers: Think outside the box

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 03, 2014 4:21 am

Note to the naysayers: Think outside the box

October 02, 2014

Not surprisingly the naysayers were first to respond to my Sept. 25 letter, "Turn canal into a lake to restore vehicle access."

One wrote that the canal's key commercial role is "moving fuel." This could be achieved (and more safely so) with a pipeline.

Another's nonsensical response was it can't be done due to "the tides."

Here are some more positive considerations:

1. The waterways north of the Sagamore and south of the Bourne bridges could be turned into marinas to lessen the yearslong wait to get a boat slip on the Cape.

2. Put the zip line over the canal instead of at Heritage Gardens.

3. Place windmills between the bridges.

4. Build a third bridge for Cape residents only.

5. Build a fourth bridge, invaluable when the other routes are shut down due to an accident.

6. Build boardwalks as in New Jersey and California; it may help keep those pesky tourists off our roads.

This waterway and land belong to all of us, not just those poor oil companies moving oil. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I do know listening to the naysayers will only delay the inevitable.

Michael Binnall

South Yarmouth

Note to Mike: Don't smoke weed before you write letters.

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