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What's The Rush? Keep the MCAS

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What's The Rush? Keep the MCAS

Post  Old Caper on Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:37 pm

I find myself agreeing with the Cape Cod Times when they advise the Massachusetts educrats not to hurry to adopt the national Common Core Standards in favor of the current MCAS test as a requirement for graduation. For one thing, I believe education should not be nationalized. The requirements for a satisfactory education vary with the individual states and they are best qualified to decide what's best for their populations and economies. The national requirements are admittedly lower than ours. Why downgrade?

The MCAS got a bad rap because, in making sure the kids have mastered the required work, it also ensures that individual schools and teachers have successfully taught the required material, and they don't like that. If students of a particular school, or teacher, consistently get poor grades on the MCAS, the reasonable assumption is that the school, or teacher, is at fault. The fact that Massachusetts students have outpaced the national average proves the fault lies not with them, nor with the test. Like it or not, that leaves the schools, doesn't it?

Why change it, if it works? Politics, despite Governor Patrick's protestations. Just Duval supporting his buddy Barack's education agenda. This is not a time to change testing policy and a good time to vote in another governor.
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Re: What's The Rush? Keep the MCAS

Post  Betep on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:02 pm

This is a very complicated issue. I have been thinking about what a school should teach. What skills should a product of public education possess?

Read a bit so they can understand a newspaper.
Write a paragraph in English. Introduction, body then conclusion.
Add, subtract, multiply and divide to ten. Find x in a simple equation.

To be quality of McDonalds? To pass the ASVAB test to join the military?

I think a college-bound student will do better, but the basics are never addressed. I remember a Salve Regina student that was at the top of her class that couldn't find a state on a map. She thought I was "wicked smart" because I knew where North Dakota was. (Bismark is the capital. I learned that in 6th grade.)

I don't have the answer.

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