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A different shark story?!

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A different shark story?!

Post  mermaid on Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:56 pm'Sleeping' great white shark off Nantucket

By Eliot Baker
I&M Staff Writer
August 09, 2010Last week's tagging of two great white sharks in the seal-rich waters off Chatham wasn't on Pete Kaizer's mind when a woman on his boat called out, “Hey, what's that?”

Peering through the afternoon fog late last month, the island charter-fishing captain assumed he was looking at the bloated white underbelly of a dead whale floating motionless seven yards away. But drawing closer, his eyes widened: The tail cut out of the water vertically, not flat like a whale's.

It was a 15- to 18-foot great white shark. But as Kaizer, captain of the Althea K said, “This wasn't just a regular great white shark.”

They assumed it was dead. Sharks' lives depend on forward motion, after all, so Kaizer motored up against the predator to look for propeller marks or some indication of trauma. But even with the massive head and jaws resting against the boat's rails, Kaizer and his crew and customers could see no damage
It looked clean,” recalled Kaizer, whose myriad shark-fishing trips had not prepared him for the scene soon to unfold before him 10 miles northeast of Nantucket.

His mate withdrew a 10-foot tuna-fishing gaff to hook into the great white's jaws for a better look, and perhaps to roll it over. Climbing onto the edge of the Althea K, the mate half-jokingly nudged the shark's nose, resting motionless two feet beneath the surface.

He told Kaizer with a laugh that he was making sure the shark wasn't sleeping.

“And right as he's about to say the word, ‘sleeping,' that tail comes up and all of a sudden it starts going, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,” said Kaizer, who along with his crew stared on in shock as the great white sprang to life and began barreling into the boat."

To read the rest of the story click on the InquirerMirror
Gotta love this one........!! Shocked

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