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Japan imposes 40% cigarette tax increase

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Japan imposes 40% cigarette tax increase

Post  Betep on Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:24 am

Japan imposes 40% cigarette tax increase
By Roland Buerk BBC News, Tokyo
Smokers in Tokyo The government hopes the tax increase will encourage smokers to give up

Japan's government has imposed the biggest tax increase on cigarettes the country has ever seen.

The price of the most popular brands is rising on Friday by about 40%, from 300 yen ($3.60; £2.30) to 410 yen ($4.90; £3.70).

The aim is to encourage smokers to quit, in a country with a reputation as one of the most smoker-friendly places in the industrialised world.

But instead smokers have been busy stocking up on cigarettes.

Lighting up is still allowed in restaurants and bars in Japan, and many offices have smoking rooms.
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Duval Patrick and O'Bama giving advice to Japan now?
I wonder if the sales pitch of "it's for health-care" or "Think of the children" was used?
$4.90 (if not more) a pack is what we pay in taxes!

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