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Just one turbine

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Just one turbine

Post  Betep on Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:17 am

Just one turbine
October 12, 2010

Aquaculture Research Corp. in Dennis, the largest shellfish hatchery on the East Coast, wants to install a wind turbine near its operation on Chapin Beach Road to reduce its spiraling energy expenses.

The company, which sits on 39 acres of beach-front property, has been in business for 50 years and currently spends more than $100,000 annually on propane, oil and electricity to fuel its operation. Company owners say the rising energy costs are consuming their budget and creating an untenable financial situation.

In August, the Old King's Highway Regional Historic District Committee of Dennis approved the company's proposal to build a single 600-kilowatt Elecon turbine that would stand 242 feet at the highest point of its spinning blades. The turbine would substantially reduce energy costs and could generate excess power that would go back into the grid.

However, officials from neighboring towns filed an official objection, saying among other things that the turbine would be visible more than 10 miles away in some of the most historic places on the Mid-Cape.
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This is the best use for a turbine yet. Small company that needs a bit of help with their electrical requirements. Can it be seen from Bass Hole, Sandy Neck, Bray Farm, Scargo Tower, ect.? Yes, yes it can. Can it be seen from Old King's Highway? No.
It's over ½ mile from the nearest house and/or Bass Hole so I doubt sound will be an issue. Sandy Neck has a Lighthouse so the blinking lights complaint gets tossed out.

The Old King's Highway Regional Historic District Committee is being silly here. It's not a windmill 'farm', (which I think are a bad investment and stupid to put in a marine environment like the Cape Wind thing) it's 1 (one) on dry land that can be maintained by some guys in a pick-up truck that helps a business providing the shellfish seed that helps define the Cape.

Foolish. I have the winter off, I'll show up to the next meeting. God help them if they have been here for less than my ~ 39~ years or came to the Cape after (my greatxGrandfather) Stephan Hopkins in August, 1638.

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