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Wind Turbine Article Was Biased

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Wind Turbine Article Was Biased

Post  Betep on Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:49 pm

Wind Turbine Article Was Biased


To the Editor:

On Oct.13 there was a full page containing two articles on the proposed ARC Wind Turbine planned for Chapin Beach in Dennis and Gray’s Beach (Bass Hole) in Yarmouth Port.

The article, as well as previous articles in The Register, has a strong bias in favor of the wind turbine. By not fully understanding and presenting both sides, you do a disservice to your readers and especially to people who live in Yarmouth, most of whom do not realize that this large turbine will be in the middle of our one north side beach...

...An example of a good placement is the Country Garden turbine. It is in the back corner of their lot, away from direct visual patterns, in a business area with streets and trees around it...

Anne Ierardi

Judith Recknagel

Save our Beaches 2010

YIKES! I pointed out the contradiction and NIMBYism. I seem to remember these two co-inhabitants with Democratic and pro-Nantucket Sound signs in front of their (purchased in 1997) house. I've been going to Bass Hole for 30 years longer than they have been in town. ARC is a great place and 1 single turbine might convince me of their worth.
Boy, I hope there's a public hearing!

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